When You Are Sore Bewildered

When you are sore bewildered,
Not knowing what to do,
When all your schemes seemed baffled,
And earthly helpers few-

Go the Lord for guidance
As well as for His grace;
Look up for His direction,
And strength to run the race.

He will be very gracious
When unto Him you cry;
When He shall hear He’ll answer
To prove that He is nigh.

What tho’ you cannot see it,
Each step is marked for you,
Planned in the light of His deep love,
Who gave His life for you.

He knows your every sorrow,
Each little cross and care;
Each trifling daily worry
So difficult to bear.

‘Twas just because He loved you
He left His throne on high;
To save you and redeem you,
To suffer and to die.

And still because He loves you
These little worries come,
That they may ever tell you,
You are not yet at “home.”

But in this far-off country,
Where weary feet oft slide,
How restful to remember
Your Savior is your guide.

Yes! near each day to whisper
His words into your ear,
“This the way-walk in it;
Go forward-never fear.”

Near you till life is over,
Near you by day and night;
Near you until He takes you
Into His perfect light!