When You Get To Heaven As You Surely Wil

When you get to Heaven, as you surely will,
If the Savior’s name you own,
After you have greeted those you love the best,
Who are standing round the throne-

You may look for me, for I’ll be there,
I’ll be there, I’ll be there!
You may look for me, for I’ll be there!
Glory to His name!

When you roam with friends across the heav’nly fields,
Ever finding treasures new;
When you stand in rapture on some starry height,
Gazing on some glorious view- [Refrain]

When you hear them singing, round the great white throne,
Songs of praise unto the Lamb;
When you hear the ransomed, with their harps of gold,
Shouting, “Glory to His name!”- [Refrain]

When you kneel in worship to the King of kings,
Who has saved you by His grace;
When you see that Savior who has brought you there,
And with joy behold His face- [Refrain]