When You Have Come To The Ending Of Life

When you have come to the ending of life,
When you have finished its labor and strife,
When you have whispered your final farewell,
Where will you go, precious soul, can you tell?

Into the darkness or into the light,
Into the day or into the night,
Soon from this world will your spirit take flight
Into the darkness, or into the light.

Into the glory of heaven so bright,
Into the realm where the Lamb is the light,
Only the ransomed, the purchased with blood,
Enter forever to dwell with their God. [Refrain]

Into the blackness of darkness and woe
Sinners with weeping and trembling shall go-
Into the depth of eternal despair-
Think of it, soul; will you choose to go there? [Refrain]

All of the righteous are children of light,
All of the wicked are sons of the night;
Soon to his place will each hasten away,
Sinners to darkness and saints to the day. [Refrain]