When You Trusted Christ For Pardon

When you trusted Christ for pardon,
And He washed your sins away,
When He made you heir to heaven and His throne,
Did you offer Him your service
As His soldier, day by day?
Did you volunteer to serve Him as His own?

Have you volunteered for service?
Are you giving Christ His way?
Are you doing His commandments?
Have you volunteered to stay?

When you volunteered for service,
And you heard the Lord’s command,
Unfamiliar tho’ the work on hand to do,
Did you do the thing He bade you?
With His workers take your stand?
Did you keep your promise when He called for you? [Refrain]

Oh, as Jesus walks beside us,
As He sees His word undone,
Knows His pow’r and all our childish, faithful fears;
How His eager heart must suffer,
Grieving o’er us one by one,
Longing for more loyal, earnest volunteers. [Refrain]