When Your Heart Cries For Salvation

When your heart cries for salvation,
From the weight of sinful dross;
You will find it in its fullness
At the foot of Calv’ry’s cross.

Carry it all to the cross,
Carry it all, carry it all to the cross;
In your sorrow and your woe,
To the loving Saviour go,
Carry it all, carry it all to the cross.

Here the wrongs of life are righted,
Here earth’s bitter things grow sweet;
While we kneel with hearts submissive
At the Savior’s pierced feet. [Refrain]

Sore afflictions loose their keenness,
Trials lighter seem to be,
Sorrows vanish when we view them
In the light of Calvary. [Refrain]

Great indeed may be your burden,
Greater still the remedy;
Bring it all, his grace and mercy
Ever will sufficient be. [Refrain]