When Your Heart Is Faint And Drear

When your heart is faint and drear,
Jesus cares!
There is hope and comfort near-
Jesus cares!
Tho’ the bitter, bitter tears,
And the weary, weary years
Fail to drive away our fears-
Jesus cares!

Jesus cares! yes, He cares!
When with burdens sore opprest;
Jesus cares!
Jesus cares!
Yes, He cares!
Come to Him, He’ll give you rest,
For He cares!

Are you often sore oppressed?
Jesus cares!
And He longs to give your rest,
For He cares;
Tho’ by chains of sorrow bound,
And in darkness all around,
Soon the brighter note will sound-
Jesus cares! [Refrain]

Are you in suspense and fear?
Jesus cares!
All your dread will disappear-
Jesus cares!
Does the one you love so well,
Hurt you more than words can tell?
He will all your anguish quell,
For He cares! [Refrain]

More than any earthly friend
Jesus cares!
And His love will never end,
For He cares.
O, how precious just to know,
As a long life’s path you go,
There is One who loves you so-
One who cares! [Refrain]