When Your Heart Is Filled With

When your heart is filled with gladness,
And the day is fair and bright,
When you find no room for sadness
In the glory of the light,
Do not hold this blessing tightly,
Give to all who come, so true;
And like bread upon the waters,
It will all come back to you.

Spread the sunshine, spread the sunshine
Into hearts that break with woe;
On the hilltops, in the valleys,
Spread it ev’rywhere you go;
Send its beams abroad with gladness,
Bringing cheer to hearts anew;
Like the bread upon the waters,
It will all come back to you.

When the sickness and the sorrow
And the pain have passed you by,
Clouding someone’s bright tomorrow
In the twinkling of an eye;
Do not hide the light God gives you
With a selfish heart and hand,
Send it forth to cheer and comfort
Far across the lonely land. [Refrain]

When at last you’re overtaken
With a sadness or despair,
When you feel yourself forsaken,
With no gladness anywhere,
Gather up your shattered spirits,
Turn to him who sends the light;
He will fill your heart with brightness,
And will give you strength and might. [Refrain]