When Zions God Her Mournful Sons

When Sion’s GOD her mournful Sons
Recall’d from long Captivity,
It seem’d at first a pleasing Dream
Of what we wish’d to see;
But soon our Tongues we did employ
In thankful Hymns and Songs of Joy.

Our Heathen Foes repining stood;
Yet they were all compell’d to own,
That great and wond’rous was indeed
The Work our GOD for us had done:
His Goodness we with Joy confess,
Who thus hath crown’d us with Success.

To us bring back the Remnant, LORD,
Of Israel’s long enclaved Bands;
More wellcome than refreshing Show’rs
That fall on parch’d and thirsty Lands:
That we, who did our Days employ
In Sorrow, now may reap in Joy.

Though he desponds, that sows his Grain,
Yet, doubtless, he at last shall come
To bind his ripen’d full-ear’d Sheaves,
And bring the plenteous Harvest home:
Then former Griefs shall pass away,
And glad Success his Toil repay.