When Zions Humble Pilgrims Meet

When Zion’s humble pilgrims meet,
Their conversation will be sweet;
Fashion and faults, envy, and pride,
And anxious cares are laid aside.

Time is too precious to be spent,
In formal rounds of compliment,
Their eager spirits wish to know,
How Zion flourishes below.

They mourn their faults with broken hearts,
Describe the tempter’s wiles, and arts,
Then sing how Christ their living head,
Reclaims the lost, and raise the dead.

We’ll search his word, and tell its pow’r,
How it supports us hour by hour,
Dispel the shades–our souls revive,
And gives us food to eat and live.

This food is light, this food is love,
‘Tis truth descending from above,
‘Tis words of grace from him who reigns
O’er death, and hell, and broke their chains.

Truth, what a base on which to build,
Truth is the great foundation seal’d;
The rock unmov’d though Satan raves,
Built here, we’ll sing amidst the waves.

Then let our spirits joyful sing,
All glory to our conquering King;
For tho’ we’re dead, and blind and lame,
Thro’ him we more that victory gain.

Divine Hymns of Spiritual Songs,