When Zions Sons Great God Appear

When Zion’s sons, Great God! appear
In Zion’s court for praise and prayer;
Then in thy Spirit, deign to be
As one with those who worship thee.

Till thou shalt o’er the waters move,
‘Twill but a barren season prove;
Lifeless and cold will be the song,
The preacher dull, the service long.

Without thine over shadowing wings,
No sweets the gospel message brings;
Fettered the herald’s tongue appears,
Till his great master’s feet he hears.

Winds, from the north and south, awake,
Take of the things of Jesus, take;
Diffuse thy kind celestial dew,
Bring pardon, peace, and healing too.

Confirm the weak and feeble knees,
Unfold the gospel promises;
The truth we hear, do thou apply,
Nor let a waiter’s fleece be dry.

Then shall we count the season dear,
To those who speak or those who hear;
And all conspire with sweet accord,
In hymns of joy, to praise the Lord.

A New Selection of Hymns,