Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today Thus Does

Where hast thou glean’d today?
Thus does the Master say
To you-to me;
Come, tell Him, one by one,
All we have said and done,
Whate’er it be.

In the great field of prayer,
Have we been gleaning there-
Abroad-at home-
Blessings, for His dear sake,
On all who strive to make
His kingdom come?

From God’s own Scripture field
Glean we some precious yield
Of golden grain-
Promise, and plan, and will
For this great world, until
Christ comes again?

Glean we from fields afar
News of the holy war
Of God’s dear Son,
Of progress towards the goal,
Of many a heathen soul
For Jesus won?

Or in the fields around
Have we no gleanings found
Of gifts or gold,
To God’s great treasure store,
Brought in by rich or poor,
By young or old?

And, gleanings richer still,
Those who, the Father’s will
Longing to do,
Bring to Him heart and hand,
Joining our Gleaner-Band-
Co-workers true?

So grant us, Lord, we pray,
To glean while it is day,
That ours may be
At last the blest reward-
To bring our sheaves, dear Lord,
With joy to Thee!