Where Is My God My Joy My Hope

Where is my God, my joy, my hope,
The dear desire of nations where?
Jesus, to thee my soul looks up,
To thee directs her morning prayer;
And spreads her arms of faith abroad,
To embrace my hope, my joy, my God!

Mine eyes prevent the morning ray,
Looking, and longing for thy word:
Come, O my Jesus, come away,
And let my heart receive its Lord;
Which pants and struggles to be free,
And breaks to be detain’d from thee.

Appear in me bright Morning Star,
And scatter all the shades of night!
I saw thee once, and came from far,
But quickly lost thy transient light;
And now again in darkness pine,
Till thou throughout my nature shine.

In patient hope I now take heed
To the sure word of promis’d grace,
Whose rays a feeble lustre shed,
Faint, glimmering through the darksome place;
Till thou thy glorious light impart,
And rise, the Day-Star in my heart.

Come, Lord, be manifested here,
And all the devil’s works destroy;
Now without sin in me appear,
And fill with everlasting joy:
Thy beatific face display,
Thy presence is the perfect day.