Where Is The Power Of Other Days

Where is the power of other days,
Our fathers used to feel;
The flaming fire whose sacred blaze
Did their devotion seal?
Where is the confidence in God
That did their souls inspire,
And made them sing of cleansing blood,
While flood and flame rose higher?

Thine own indwelling presence, Lord,
Which thus our fathers blest;
Alone can fill the mighty void
Within their children’s breast;
Then spread thy wings, O heav’nly Dove,
Again to earth come down,
And with the diadem of love,
Our soulless duties crown.

The garland of thy grace impart,
Bid us no longer roam;
But stamp thine image on our hearts
And seal us thus thine own;
In this thine own appointed hour
Thy fullness we would prove;
Display anew thy glorious power,
And fill our hearts with love.