Where Is Thy Bethel Where The Gate Of He

Where is thy Bethel? where the gate of heaven?
Where heav’n itself doth open o’er thy heard;
Where, as in Jacob’s heart, from God’s Word given,
The dew of heav’n into thy heart is shed.
Where is thy Bethel, Christian, tell me where?
Thou know’st full well,-thy chamber, it is there!

‘Tis there where Jesus evermore bestoweth
His peace unspeakable upon thy soul,
Where from His wounds anew there ever floweth
The only balm that makes the sin-sick whole;
The faithful Lord delights to see thee there,
And hastes to meet thee at thine hour of prayer.

Then cease from idle sorrow, cease thy grieving,
Thou hast enough,-this cordial left to thee,-
Thou hast enough, canst thou this vain world leaving,
The Master’s coming in thy closet see!
Into thy chamber comes the Lord of all,
And “Peace be with thee,” unto thee doth call.

So, as of old, the blessed Master goeth,
Thro’ bolted doors, disciples’ hearts to cheer,
Yet there’s another place, my soul well knoweth,
Tho’ it be small, that is to Him more dear;
Thrice happy Christian! thou too know’st it well,
Thy heart’s the place where Christ doth love to dwell.