Where Jesus Dwells I Want To Be

Where Jesus dwells I want to be,
In that bright home beyond life’s sea;
I’m crossing o’er the angry tide,
Where with my Lord I shall abide.
He walks upon the rolling wave;
My sinking soul He comes to save;
With hand held out He bears me o’er,
And guides me to that happy shore.

Where Jesus dwells I want to be,
In that Eden home beyond life’s sea;
There by His side redeemed I’ll stand,
And receive my crown from His own hand.

Where Jesus dwells I want to go,
Where living streams shall ever flow,
I want to see Him first of all,
Who sav’d me when I heard His call;
When mercy’s door had open’d wide,
I plung’d beneath the crimson tide;
My guilty stains are wash’d away,
My night of sin has turn’d to day. [Refrain]

Where Jesus dwells I want to be,
On Eden’s plains He waits for me;
No eye hath seen nor ear hath heard
The joys that wait me from my Lord.
“Thy kingdom come,” I’ll ever pray,
His blessed will I shall obey;
I soon shall reach the other shore,
And sing His praise for evermore. [Refrain]