Where My Redeemer Leads Me There Will I

Where my Redeemer leads me,
There will I go,
Taught by the Holy Spirit
His love to know;
If by His hand directed,
Where e’er it be,
Gladly His steps I’ll follow,
O’er land or sea.

Where He may lead me,
I will follow Him;
Where He may lead me,
There will I go.

Where my Redeemer calls me,
I will obey;
What tho’ the clouds may gather
Dark o’er the way?
If to the lost He bid me
Love’s message tell,
Quickly my heart shall answer,
Lord, it is well. [Refrain]

If in His verdant pastures,
Peaceful I rest,
O how my soul shall praise Him,
Joyful and blest!
If where the lambs are straying
O’er mountains high,
Still by His grace I’ll answer,
Lord, here am I. [Refrain]