Where O Where Do The Birdies Live

Where, oh! where do birdies live?
Up in a tree;
Darling little downy nest,
One can just see.

Birdie, birdie, swing, oh! swing
In your cradle high,
While the summer breezes sing
Your sweet lullaby;
Swing, swing, swing, swing, have no care,
Up in the blue sky, God is there.

Baby birdies softly chirp,
Papa bird sings,
Mama birdie cuddles them
Under her wings. [Chorus]

God, our Father loves the birds,
Cares for them all,
Hearkens when they cry for food,
Sees when they fall. [Chorus]

Little children, never fear,
God cares for you;
He who loves the little birds
Loves children too. [Chorus]

Trust him, therefore, like the birds,
Love and obey,
Then your hearts will e’er be light,
Happy as they. [Chorus]