Where O Where Is Yon Vessel Going

Where, O where is yon vessel going,
See her now on the waters blue;
All her sails in the breeze are floating,
Hear the song of her gallant crew.

Haste on board, ’tis the Captain calling;
We are waiting, we are waiting;
Precious souls we are bearing onward,
Joyful to the port of peace,
Joyful to the blessed port of peace.

Millions now to that vessel flocking,
Young and old on the deck they stand;
Yet there’s room and a hearty welcome,
Passage free to the promised land. [Refrain]

Praise the Lord, ’tis the old ship Zion,
Jesus is her Captain’s name;
Colors bright from her mast are flying,
We have heard of her noble fame. [Refrain]

Quick! on board, she has weigh’d her anchor,
Quick! on board, for the wind is fair;
World, adieu, we are sailing onward,
Heaven’s our home, and our hearts are there. [Refrain]