Where Shall I Go Lord Where Shall I Go

Where shall I go, Lord, where shall I go?
Wisdom to guide me Thou wilt bestow;
Help me to go, Lord, where Thou dost lead,
Trusting Thy promise, “Grace for all need.”

What shall it be, Lord, what shall it be?
How can I serve Thee, serve Thee best?
Speak unto me, Lord, speak unto me,
Help me to shrink from no test.

What shall I say, Lord, what shall I say?
Thou art my teacher, teach me today.
Only and ever help me to be
Speaking for Thee, Lord, speaking for Thee. [Refrain]

What shall I read, Lord, what shall I read?
Here Thy protection ever I need;
Led by Thy Spirit, sent from above,
E’en thro’ temptation safely I’ll move. [Refrain]

Purchased by Thee, Lord, now I am Thine,
Time, thought and effort nevermore mine;
Thou hast redeemed me, help me to be
Shining for Thee, Lord, only for Thee. [Refrain]