Where Shall We Sinners Hide Our Heads

Where shall we sinners hide our heads,
Can rocks or mountains save?
Or shall we wrap us in the shades
Of midnight and the grave?

Is there no shelter from the eye
Of a revenging God?
Jesus, to thy dear wounds we fly,
Bedew us with thy blood.

Those guardian drops our souls secure,
And wash away our sins;
Eternal justice frowns no more,
And conscience smiles within.

We bless that wondrous purple stream
That cleanses every stain;
Yet are our souls but half redeemed,
If sin, the tyrant, reign.

Lord, blast his empire with thy breath,
That cursed throne must fall;
Ye flattering plagues, that work our death,
Fly, for we hate you all.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,