Where Should I Be If God Should Say

Where should I be, if God should say,
I must not live another day;
And send and take away my breath;
What is eternity and death?

My body is of little worth,
‘Twould soon be mingled with the earth;
For we were made of clay, and must
Again, at death, return to dust.

But where my living soul would go
I do not, and I cannot know;
For none were e’er sent back to tell
The joys of Heaven, or pains of hell.

Yet, Heav’n must be a world of bliss
Where God Himself for ever is:
Where saints around His throne adore,
And never sin or suffer more.

And hell’s a state of endless woe,
Where unrelenting sinners go;
Though none that seek the Savior’s grace
Shall ever see that dreadful place.

O! let me then at once apply
To Him who did for sinners die;
And this shall be my great reward-
To dwell for ever with the Lord.