Where The Faded Flower Shall Freshen

Where the faded flower shall freshen
Freshen never more to fade;
Where the shaded sky shall brighten,
Brighten nevermore to shade;
Where the morn shall wake in gladness,
And the moon the joy prolong;
Where the daylight dies in fragrance,
‘Mid the burst of holy song;-

We shall meet and we shall rest
‘Mid the holy and the blest;
We shall meet on yonder shore,
With the loved ones gone before;
We shall meet and we shall rest
‘Mid the holy and the blest.

Where the love that here we lavish
On the with’ring leaves of time
Shall have fadeless flowers to fix on
In an ever spring-bright clime;
Where we find the joy of loving
As we never loved before-
Loving on, unchilled, unhindered-
Loving once and evermore;- [Refrain]

Where no shadow shall bewilder,
Where life’s vain parade is o’er,
Where the sleep of sin is broken,
And the dreamer dreams no more;
Where the child has found the mother,
Where the mother finds the child,
Where the loved ones all are gathered
That were scattered on the wild;- [Refrain]