Where The Harvest Waves In The Ripened F

Where the harvest waves in the fields of sin,
There is work for all who will but enter in;
There’s a place for you:-lift your eyes and see,
And I know that there is a place for me!

Yes, Oh, yes, there’s work that ought to be done;
Harvest days are swiftly passing, there’s no time for delay;
Who’ll go forth with joy to gather the grain,
Who will bear the precious sheaves away

In the church of God there is work for all,
There are dying souls to rescue-hear the call!
Tho’ I may not preach, nor a great light be,
Yet I know that there is a work for me. [Refrain]

To the home of God far beyond the sky
He will call the faithful servants by and by;
Where the palm trees wave by the crystal sea,
I am sure that there is a place for me. [Refrain]