Where The Jasper Walls Are Beaming Where

Where the jasper walls are beaming,
Where the pearly portals are glowing,
Where the golden street is gleaming,
Where the crystal waters are flowing.

Down beside that wondrous river,
Where the tress of healing grow,
We shall meet and live forever,
To that city will you go?

Open are the shining portals;
Shut by day or night are they never;
With the glorified immortals,
Will you dwell with them forevermore? [Refrain]

In that many-mansioned dwelling,
Jesus one for you is preparing;
Where hosannas glad are swelling,
Will you come, there joy sweetly sharing? [Refrain]

Joyfully into the keeping
Of our loving Lord are we going;
No more sorrow, pain, nor weeping-
No more waves of woe o’er us flowing. [Refrain]

There shall be no days declining,
Tho’ no sun nor moon light the heaven;
From amidst the throne is shining
Glory, from the Lord freely given. [Refrain]