Where The Sparkling Waters Flow

Where the sparkling waters flow
Through the meadows leaping,
In the grasses green and cool
Fragrant flow’rs are creeping.
Light and glory shines above,
Nature brings her greeting,
Everything with life and breath
God’s dear praise repeating.

Praise the Lord!
Summer voices singing,
Swell the song with sweet accord,
Joyful praises bringing.

Balmy breezes lightly play,
Warbling choirs of gladness
Fill the earth with music sweet,
Banishing all sadness.
Love surrounds us day by day,
Tribute now we render
To the Father kind and good,
For the summer splendor. [Refrain]

While the happy moments fly
Filled with heaven’s blessing,
May our hearts extol His Name,
All His pow’r confessing.
Thanks to God! O swell the song,
Set the echoes ringing,
Worship Him with one accord
Loud hosannas singing. [Refrain]