Where Thou Dost Bid Me Come

Where Thou dost bid me come,
Trusting in Thee,
Now like a weary dove,
Saviour, I flee;
Weak as a bruised reed,
Thy quick’ning grace I need;
O Spirit, intercede;
Lord, answer prayer.

All my unfaithfulness
Thine eye can see;
Yet, in Thy tender love,
Bless even me;
Here at Thy mercy seat,
My only sure retreat,
Here at thy sacred feet;
Lord, answer prayer.

Break thro’ the clouds that hang
Dark o’er my skies;
Touch Thou my languid soul,
Help me to rise;
Now let Thy smile divine
Bright on my pathway shine;
Jesus, the pow’r is Thine;
Lord, answer prayer.