Whereer I Go The Savior Will Go With Me

Where’er I go the Saviour will go with me,
It matters not how dark and rough my way,
With tender love He circles all my journey,
I cannot get beyond His loving sway.

I cannot get beyond the circle of His love,
I cannot get beyond the circle of His love;
His presence goes before me,
And His love-light shineth o’er me,
So I cannot get beyond His love.

In sorrow’s hour His tender love abideth,
For ev’ry woe He hath a soothing balm;
‘Mid ev’ry stormy tempest, wildly beating,
He whispers peace, and there is instant calm. [Refrain]

Oh, peerless love, beyond all understanding!
And ev’ry soul this lasting love may choose!
Far-reaching love, so measureless, so boundless,
How strange that hearts can e’er such love refuse. [Refrain]

No pow’rs, no depths, no tow’ring heights above me,
Nor life, nor death, nor trials anywhere,
Can separate me from the love of Jesus,
Or keep me from His watchful, tender care. [Refrain]