Whereer The Gospel Truth Is Taught

Where’er the Gospel truth is taught,
The way of life to light is brought–
The ignorant are made to know,
Their Saviour, and to serve him too.

The greatest gifts on man bestow’d,
That is to know the living God;
And Jesus Christ his only son,
And what he hath for sinners done.

Jesus who for our sins aton’d,
Will be confess’d and freely own’d!
The gifts he doth for us provide,
Are by the Holy Ghost applied.

What changes in the heart take place,
When sinners feel the work of grace;
They feel the pow’rful Gospel word,
And know that Jesus is their Lord.

The pow’rs of darkness are dispell’d!
The soul with light and life is fill’d–
Enabled by a heav’nly pow’r,
To love their Saviour evermore.

Tho’ diff’rent gifts the spirit give,
Yet all from him alone derive;
Sufficient grace withal is giv’n,
To fit each seeking soul for heav’n.