Wherefore Jehovah Standest Thou

Wherefore Jehovah standest thou
away from us so far?
And wherefore hidest thou thy self
when times so troublous are?
Because the wicked in their pride
the needy make a prey’
They shall be taken in the plots
which they for others lay.

The wicked in their heart’s desire
do glory; and they praise
The worldly man as blest; but they
Jehovah’s anger raise.
The wicked through their lofty pride
on God refuse to call;
And in their multitude of thoughts
there is no GOD at all.

Their ways at all times grievous are:
thy judgments are on high
Above their sight: at all their foes
they blow disdainfully.
Within their heart they vainly say,
“we moved shall never be,
Nor yet in any time to come
adversity shall see.”

His mouth with cursing filled is,
with wiles, deceit and wrong;
And mischief and iniquity
lie hid beneath his tongue.
In coverts near the villages
they sit; the harmless slay’
And for the poor who pass along
with hidden eyes they lay.

As lions in their coverts watch,
the feeble to surprise;
As fowlers draw them in their net,
and on a sudden seize.
As maimed and crouching they will seem;
that numbers of the poor
At unawares may fall into
their paws of cruel power.

In heart they say, “God has forgot
these things eternally;
He wholly hides his face away,
and them will never see.”

[ Part]

Jehovah rise thou up; O God,
lift up thine hand on high;
Cast not the meek afflicted ones
Out of thy memory.
O why do wicked men provoke
the mighty God, and say
Presumptuously within their heart,
‘Thou never wilt repay.’

But spite and mischief thou dost see;
thy hand will them reward:
The poor commits himself to Thee;
Thou art the orphan’s guard.
The wicked’s arm wilt wholly break
and of the evil one;
And search out his impieties
until thou findest none;

Jehovah King of ages is
and of eternity:
Out of his land the heathen tribes
are perished utterly.
The meek afflicted ones desire
Jehovah thou dost hear;
Thou dost prepare their heart, and then
give thine attentive ear.

To judge and help the fatherless,
the feeble and the poor;
That earthly men may not destroy*
nor vex them any more.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament,