Wherefore On The Cross Uplifted

Wherefore on the Cross uplifted,
Bore the Lord our anguish sore?
That He might from suffering save us,
By those wounds for evermore.

Wherefore from the grave triumphant,
Came our Lord that radiant day?
That the bondage of corruption
Might for ever yield its sway.

Let the heavens resound with gladness,
Praises ring through all the earth;
Let the nations all before him,
Clap their hands with joyous mirth.

To the Cross that bore our Saviour
Were our sins in mercy bound;
By the death of Him Who loved us,
Life for all mankind is found.

Glory unto God the Father,
Glory unto Christ the Son,
Glory to the Holy Spirit,
Now, and while the ages run.

Hymns of the Holy Eastern Church,