Wherever Faithful Souls Are Joined

Wherever faithful souls are join’d,
To worship God with heart and mind,
His promise is to meet them there,
To hear and answer all their pray’r.

Lord, here we join on thee to wait!
And hope to find thy mercy seat;
Lo! here we hope and trust thou art,
To strengthen ev’ry wailing heart.

Thy promise is, where two or three
Unite to make their pray’rs to thee:
Whate’er they ask, request or plead,
Such thou wilt give them as they need.

We join to pray with one accord,
And wait thy blessing, gracious Lord!
Thy grace and promise here renew,
And bring salvation to our view.

Our confidence to thee increase,
And let us feel establish’d peace;
O may we feel thy presence near!
And know that thou dost hear our pray’r.