Wherever The Pathway

Wherever the pathway of duty may lead,
Whate’er God may call you to do,
‘Tis truest of wisdom this precept to heed,
To God and to duty be true.

Press on in the pathway of duty and right,
Do all that you do with your manhood’s full might,
And when all life’s conflicts and labors are done,
Your heart shall rejoice in the crown you have won.

The heights are before us, our colors unfurled
Are kissed by the sun’s golden ray,
Our Captain would lead us to conquer the world,
His call is outringing today. [Refrain]

There is no tomorrow, today is His time,
Just now He is calling to you;
Oh, give Him the strength of your youth and your prime,
To God and to duty be true. [Refrain]