Wherewith O Lord Shall I Draw Near

Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw near,
Or bow myself before thy face?
How in thy purer eyes appear?
What shall I bring to gain thy grace?

Will gifts delight the Lord most high?
Will multiplied oblations please?
Thousands of rams his favor buy,
Or slaughtered hecatombs appease?

Can these assuage the wrath of God?
Can these wash out my guilty stain?
Rives of oil, or seas of blood,
Alas! they all must flow in vain.

Guilty, I stand before thy face;
My sole desert is hell and wrath;
‘Twere just the sentence should take place;
But Oh, I plead my Savior’s death!

I plead the merits of thy son
Who died for sinners on the tree;
I plead his righteousness alone,
O put the spotless robe on me.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,