While Across Times Ocean Sailing

While across time’s ocean sailing,
Should thy sky adversely lower,
And temptation’s waves assailing,
Rock thee with alarming power,

Look to Jesus! Look to Jesus!
Whatsoe’er thy trouble be,
Trust in Jesus! Trust in Jesus!
He will prove a friend to thee.

When thy faith begins to waver,
And thy strength and hope grow small,
Raise thine arms to Heav’n, where Jesus
Waits to heed thy faintest call. [Refrain]

When thy heart is sad with trouble,
And thy mind dark with despair,
Look to Jesus, who regards thee,
With the tenderest love and care. [Refrain]

Long as life’s voyage is tending,
Onward ever to its end,
Look to Jesus, He will prove thee
An unfailing, precious friend. [Refrain]