While Aimlessly Sailing On Lifes Rugged

While aimlessly sailing on life’s rugged sea,
Oft halting ‘twixt wrong and the right;
A sweet voice tenderly whispered to me,
“There’s danger, turn on the search-light.”

Turn on the search-light,
Turn on the search-light,
There’s danger in further delay;
Turn on the search-light,
Turn on the search-light,
And rescue some lost one today.

That whisper I welcomed, the voice I obeyed,
And peace fill’d my soul with delight;
I came to the Saviour, not a moment delayed,
He helped me turn on the search-light. [Refrain]

Dear friends, whither drifting, by what hand now led,
No rudder or compass in sight?
The whirlpool, destruction, lies there just ahead,
Better halt and turn on the search-light. [Refrain]

Flee to the Great Captain, who speaks, “Peace be still,”
And calm are the waves that affright;
Just trust Him for guidance, confide in His will,
Fear not, He’ll turn on the search-light. [Refrain]