While Birds Their Sweet Carols

While birds their sweet carols are singing,
The children are coming today;
Glad praises their voices are bringing
To Him who hath led all the way.
“Go forward,” their watchword is sounding;
“Go forward,” the world needs the word!
With gathering volume resounding,
The children’s sweet voices are heard.

“Go forward,” we echo the chorus!
“Go forward,” ye legions of light;
God’s banner of vict’ry is o’er us,
We’ll conquer at last in His might.

The world in its beauty is waiting,
The world that our dear Saviour made,
Each flow’ret His wisdom relating,
Love shining from blossom and blade.
He gives to His children their orders:
“My armor and spirit receive,
Go forward, there’s sin in thy borders,
‘Twill fall if ye only believe.” [Refrain]

“Go forward,” the Lord is our Captain,
This world to our Master belongs!
“Go forward,” His cause is advancing,
While angels reecho our songs.
We bow to the King in His beauty,
His voice speaks in sunshine and gale:
“Go forward and do but your duty,
The right shall forever prevail.” [Refrain]