While Here On The Earth As A Pilgrim

While here on the earth as a pilgrim,
And bound for that long-promised home,
Myself tho’ a stranger confessing,
I do not in solitude roam,
But have a most blessed companion,
My Saviour, so dear and so fair,
Who, when I pass thro’ earth’s hard places
Ne’er leaves me, but goes with me there.

With him I can go anywhere,
I will never, no, never despair;
Tho’ he calls me to pass thro’ hard places,
I will fear not, he goes with me there.

In sweet and in blessed communion,
We journey together along,
Today I am cheer’d with a promise,
Tomorrow perchance with a song;
And all the while feeling his presence,
And all the while breathing a prayer,
No more do I dread the hard places,
Why should I? he goes with me there. [Refrain]

By faith I’m now walking with Jesus,
And casting on him all my care,
His Spirit in plentiful measure
Assists me to do and to dare;
Assists me to ever prove faithful,
To overcome everywhere,
And lifts me above earth’s hard places
In Jesus, who goes with me there. [Refrain]

If then to Gethsemane’s garden,
Or Pisgah’s bold heights I shall go,
If he by his Spirit impel me,
It is for my good, I shall know.
Then, Saviour, continue to guide me,
To turn me from by path and snare,
E’en thankful make me for hard places,
Since thou, Lord, dost go with me there. [Refrain]