While I Am Drifting Out On Lifes Sea

While I am drifting out on life’s sea,
Tossed by the billows, fearless I’ll be;
On to the harbor safely I’ll ride;
Jesus my Captain, rests by my side.

Christ will always be with me,
On the land, or on the sea;
Christ will always be with me,
Always with me.

Though on the mountain rugged and steep,
Or in the valley lonely and deep,
Through storm and darkness I will not fear;
Jesus my Savior, ever is near. [Chorus]

Out in the desert barren and wild,
God will protect me, I am His child;
Far from my dwelling when cometh night,
Jesus is with me, He is my light. [Chorus]

Where e’er I wander, Jesus is there;
All of my burdens Jesus will bear;
Beauty and sunshine always I see,
Jesus is ever walking with me. [Chorus]