While I Was Sinning And Straying

While I was sinning and straying,
While I my steps was delaying,
Christ, my Redeemer, was saying,
I gave my life for thee.

Christ hath redeemed me,
Suffered and died on the cruel tree,
Christ hath redeemed me,
Faltering not the agony;
Christ hath redeemed me,
O what a wonderful story,
Wondrous, amazing,
He gave His life for me.

Hearing the voice of my Saviour,
Tenderly whispering ever,
Thou hast a place in my favor,
I gave my life for thee. [Refrain]

While at His feet lowly bending,
He gave me pardon transcending,
Now I have life never-ending,
Thro’ Him who died for me. [Refrain]