While Justice Waves Her Vengeful Hand

While Justice waves her vengeful hand
Tremendous o’er a guilty land,
Almighty God, thy awful pow’r
With fear and trembling we adore.

Where shall we fly but to thy feet?
Our only refuge is thy seat;
Thy seat where potent mercy pleads,
And holds thy thunder from our heads.

While peace and plenty blest our days,
Where was the tribute of our praise?
Ungrateful race! how have we spent
The blessings which thy goodness lent!

Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye;
Though loud our crimes for vengeance cry,
Let mercy’s louder voice prevail,
Nor thy long-suffering patience fail.

Encourag’d by thy sacred word,
May we not plead thy promise, Lord;
That when an humble nation mourns,
Thy rising wrath to pity turns?

O let thy sov’reign grace impart
Contrition to each rocky heart;
And bid sincere repentance flow,
In general, undissembled wo.

Fair smiling peace again restore;
With plenty bless the pining poor:
And may a happy, thankful land,
Obedient own thy guardian hand.