While Lasts This Solid Globe My God My K

While lasts this solid globe, my God, my king,
Thy name, thy pow’r, thy majesty, I’ll sing;
Both night and day my grateful voice I’ll raise,
And ev’ry hour shall hear me hymn thy praise.
Great art thou, Lord, and mighty is thy pow’r,
Too great for human wisdom to explore!
Yet, while yon starry lights above shall roll;
Thy mighty acts shall ev’ry age extol.
With me the varied nations all around
Thy majesty, thy glory, shall resound;
Old hoary age shall teach each list’ning son,
With pious joy, the wonders thou hast done;
With raptur’d hearts shall hear th’ astonish’d youth
Thy justice, thy beneficence, thy truth:
How thou the wretched, gracious, dost relieve,
How slow to wrath, how ready to forgive;
How good to all; how all yon orbs above,
This earth beneath, thy gracious goodness prove,
Thy works, O God, and all thy saints shall join
To hail thy glorious name in hymns divine;
With joyous transport their Creator sing,
The pow’r, the glory, of their heav’nly king;
And to all ages and all nations shew,
What to the ruler of the world they owe.
Eternal pow’r is thine; shall last thy pow’r,
When dies the world, when time itself’s no more.
Thou lift’st the humble from their low distress,
And giv’st them affluence, and giv’st them peace.
On thee all eyes are fix’d, nor fix’d in vain;
Thy bounteous pow’r all nature does sustain:
Thy hand thou open’st, and on all below,
To their desire, unnumber’d blessings flow.
Thy truth, O God, demands continued praise,
Just in thy works, and holy in thy ways!
And they who to their God in faith apply,
Share strait thy goodness and thy clemency;
And they, who to their God approach in fear,
Prove strait, all-clement, thou their suit wilt hear.
Thou giv’st them, ev’ry blessing to enjoy,
And dost their impious enemies destroy;
Therefore with me all earth shall sing thy praise,
Shall hymn thy pow’r in ever-grateful lays.