While Lasts Thy Dread Resentment Lord Fo

While lasts thy dread resentment! Lord, forbear;
Displeas’d, thy chastisements are too severe.
Have mercy, Lord–a languid weakness reigns;
Heal my distemper’d bones, and ease my pains.
Incessant ills my anguish’d soul distress;
How long wilt thou delay, till thou redress?
Still I’ll implore thee–turn, dread father, turn,
Nor let thy mercy leave me thus forlorn.
In death of thee we no remembrance have,
And who can praise thee in the silent grave?
Heaves my sad breast the live-long night with sighs;
Suffs’d with constant streams my sleepless eyes;
My bed I water with the briny flood;
Swims my wet couch with tears, O pitying God;
No more with florid Health my visage glows;
The lilly now looks pale, where blush’d the rose;
My sight’s impair’d, my body wears away,
While cruel foes haste on the swift decay!
Far hence, ye impious crouds; the Lord hath heard
My earnest pray’r, my anguish’d soul he ‘as chear’d;
My earnest pray’r I’ve not preferr’d in vain;
My earnest pray’r my God will not disdain.
Confusion shall be theirs, that vex my soul;
Their causeless enmity shall meet controul;
With sudden terror seiz’d, lo! back they turn,
No more I’m harrast, and no more I mourn.