While Living Here Below Youll See Much S

While living here below, you’ll see much sin and woe,
Your heart with grief may sometimes be distressed;
Don’t give way to despair, but go to God in pray’r
Remember, Father knows just what is best.

Yes, Father knows what’s best, so do not be distressed;
“Fear not,” you’ll hear Him whisper in your soul,
Bear harder on His arm, where naught can thee alarm
Your all is safe while under His control.

If you would please the Lord, then trust His precious Word,
His love for you can never be expressed,
Tho’ clouds may hover o’er, and trials press thee sore,
Remember, Father knows just what is best. [Refrain]

If friends for whom you pray, grow colder day by day,
They will not enter into perfect rest;
Don’t worry or repine, trust God and always shine,
Remember, Father knows just what is best. [Refrain]

At times you seek to know why trials press you so,
For some cause He’ll not answer your request;
Some day, when face to face, you’ll find in ev’ry case
That Father knew just what for you was best. [Refrain]