While Others Sing Their Songs

While others sing their “songs of love and war,”
I sing the old,old story,
In Christ, my King, both love and glory are;
I love the old old story.

The old, old story, it is ever new,
The old, old story, praise the Lord’ ’tis true.
That Jesus died for me as well as you;
Tell me the old, old story.

When stricken down by sorrow, sin, and pain,
Tell me the old, old story,
My hope is Christ, the Lamb for sinners slain!
Tell me the old, old story. [Chorus]

And when I hear the harps of heaven ring,
‘Twill be the old, old story,
Where angels strive their choicest strains to sing.
I’ll sing the old, old story. [Chorus]

To rich and poor, to all, both great and small,
Tell out the old, old story,
There’s love, joy peace, and pardon free to all,
Found in the old, old story. [Chorus]