While Sabbath Bells Their Sweetest

While Sabbath bells their sweetest tune
Chime out in joyous measure,
To greet the Children’s Day in June,
The day of sacred pleasure,
We’ll join their ring and loudly sing,
To crown with praises Christ our King.

Here gathered in this heavenly place
We love to sing of Jesus,
Who die do save our fallen race,
And now from bondage frees us;
With voices strong we will prolong
Our praise, to crown our King in song.

O blessed Saviour, kind and mild,
How dearly we should love thee!
Because thou wast a little child,
Thou art not far above me;
We feel thee near, – yes, thou art here
To let us crown thee, Jesus, dear!

Then while the bells their sweetest tune
Ring out in merry greeting
Upon this fragrant day in June,
To hail the children’s meeting –
Our joyful lays we, too, will raise,
And crown our Saviour King with praise.