While Saints And Angels Glorious King

While saints and angels, glorious King,
Day without night Thy praises sing;
Thou wilt not humbler strains despise,
The songs of children reach the skies.

Amidst the whole creation’s cares,
The meanest worm Thy bounty shares;
Thine eyes the depths of ocean see,
The grave itself hides not from Thee.

While want and hardships were our lot,
Thou knew’st us, though we knew Thee not;
Now we adore Thine hand that sends,
Our earthly comforts, home, and friends.

With these Thy heavenly gifts afford,
Thy Son, Thy Spirit, and Thy Word:–
Thy Word to teach our wayward youth,
Thy pure commandments, God of truth!–

Thy Spirit to dispel the night
Of sin and error, God of light!–
Thy Son, to raise our minds above
This world’s affections, God of love!

For all the good Thy grace imparts,
What shall we give Thee?–take our hearts:
O seal them by Thy power divine,
In life, in death, for ever Thine.

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