While Thou O My God Art My Help And Defe

While Thou, O my God, art my help and defender,
No cares can o’erwhelm me, no terrors appall;
The wiles and the snares of the world will but render
More lively my hope in my God and my all.

My God, my all,
My God, my all,
My treasure, my glory,
My God and my all.

Yes, Thou art my refuge in sorrow and danger,
My strength when I suffer, my hope when I fall;
My comfort and joy in this land of the stranger,
My treasure, my glory, my God and my all. [Refrain]

And when Thou demandest the life Thou hast given,
With joy will I answer Thy merciful call,
And quit this poor earth but to find Thee in heaven,
My portion forever, my God and my all. [Refrain]