While We Bow In Thy Name

While we bow in thy name,
Oh, meet us again,
Fill our hearts with the light of thy love;
May the Spirit of grace,
And the smiles of thy face,
Gently fall on us now from above.

It is good to be here, it is good to be here,
Thy perfect love now drives away all our fear,
And light streaming down makes the pathway all clear,
It is good for us, Lord, to be here.

Our souls long for thee;
Oh, may we now see
A sin-cleansing blood-wave appear;
And feel, as it rolls
In power o’er our souls,
It is good for us, Lord, to be here. [Refrain]

Thou art with us, we know;
We feel the sweet flow
Of the sin-cleansing wave’s gladd’ning tide;
We are washed from our sin,
Made all holy within,
And in Jesus we sweetly abide. [Refrain]