While We Journey Day By Day

While we journey, day by day, raise a song,
As we seek the narrow way, raise a song,
Send the notes to yonder sky, full and strong,
Wake the echoes to sweet reply,
Raise a glad triumphant song.

Raise a song, let the notes ascending
Reach God’s throne, in one exultant anthem blending,
Raise a song, praises never ending,
Sing to our Lord a glad triumphant song.

Tho’ our way be dark or bright, raise a song,
God’s design is just and right, raise a song,
Trust Him then, in ev’rything, all day long,
Faith anew from our lips shall ring
In a glad triumphant song. [Refrain]

When a harder road we take, raise a song,
When new effort we must make, raise a song,
Courage in our eyes shall shine, hearts grow strong,
If we sing with a faith divine
Sing our glad triumphant song. [Refrain]