While We Lowly Bow Before Thee

While we lowly bow before Thee,
Wilt Thou, gracious Saviour, hear?
We are poor and needy sinners,
Full of doubt and full of fear;
Gracious Saviour, Gracious Saviour,
Make us humble and sincere.

Fill us with Thy Holy Spirit;
Sanctify us by Thy grace;
Oh, incline us more to love Thee,
And in dust our souls abase.
Hear us, Saviour, Hear us, Saviour,
And unveil Thy glorious face.

None in vain did ever ask Thee
For the Spirit of Thy love;
Hear us then, dear Saviour, hear us;
Grant an answer from above;
Blessed Saviour, Blessed Saviour,
Hear, and answer from above.